Example Candidates

Example nanny candidates in Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, the West Country and M4 corridor.

Provided below are just some of our nannies in order that you can view the very high calibre of professional nannies we have available. All candidates listed have passed our verification process. They all hold an Enhanced DBS, have filled in an extensive Nanny profile and have been interviewed at our offices.

Example Candidate CB

A CACHE Level 3 with Grade A pass, she is a consummate professional. She is experienced and confident. Reliable and trustworthy. She interviewed beautifully, bubbling with excitement when she chatted about her Nanny experiences. She loves getting into the thick of things with her charges.

Example Candidate EN

A BTEC Level 3, BA Hons in Educational Studies and Early Childhood Studies, she has a great deal of experience and an early babysitter. She is also an accomplished yachtswoman. She is a committed Nanny, reliable and trustworthy. Her interview was lovely, chatting about her experiences. She came across as a fun, can do Nanny.

Example Candidate LZ

Holding a Degree, Master & PhD in Psychology: Personal Self-Regulation, Learning Approaches and Coping Strategies in University Teaching-Learning Processes with Stress. She is fully trained in ABA, and has extensive ALN experience, particularly with ASD. She is completely down to earth, happy, kind and adaptable. She has a wealth of Nanny experience, and being a Spanish national, is bilingual with English to a high standard.

Example Candidate NJ

A CACHE Level 3, QTS holder and training an MSC in Music Therapy, she has years of experience of working with children. She also has a year of sole charge Nanny experience. Her decision to leave teaching and be a Nanny is was due to the  ‘unrealistic expectations and pressures that can be placed on teachers and children’ in the school setting. She loves letting children learn in a fun, loving way, providing the best childcare possible which she sees as a privilege. Her joy and passion for being a Nanny was infectious.