Benefits of a Nanny

Benefits to hiring a nanny through Everycare Nannies.

Focused care for your child or children. No other children to distract the Nanny away from your children when one is showing your Nanny their latest creation. The care they provide will be solely tailored to the needs of your children. This also means that during periods of minor childhood illnesses, a Nanny will be able to do what a nursery cannot.

Children will benefit from the security of being able to build a strong loving relationship with their Nanny whilst their parents/primary caregivers are unavailable.

Nannies will try to make the child’s day as productive as possible, offering children a variety of activities, such as play groups, playtime, outings, educational visits and activities, which ensure children get the most out of the day. A Nanny will also ensure down time, whereas a nursery setting can be frenetic.

Some Nannies can teach your child a different language to the one spoken at home. An ever growing number of parents are opting for Nannies who speak a foreign language in order to teach their children.

Routines are tailored to the needs of the child, and changed as the family grows up, which helps children to feel safe and secure.

Nannies have the flexibility to arrange your children’s days as you or your Nanny see fit, which means bespoke plans for day to day activities which can also be rearranged should illness occur. Parents will have the reassurance that their child’s day is organised, safe and stimulating and that their child is being cared for according to the parents exact wishes.

Because Nannies work within the family home, if an occasional hold up happens, the parents can rely on the nanny to handle ongoing care until parents arrive. Nurseries have a legal requirement to shut at advertised times. This can be stressful. Nannies will also occasionally agree to go the extra mile to do an errand that got missed at the weekend for example.

Because of the trust built up between Everycare Nannies, a family and the Nanny, issues that arise are swiftly resolved so that the child, who is the main priority, gets the care they deserve. Everycare Nannies takes care of all personnel issues.

As the Nanny will be in the family home, the parents have more opportunities to spend time with their child if their schedule allows. For example parents may briefly come home for lunch or a break and be able to spend some time with their child, whereas if the child was in nursery, they wouldn’t be able to do this.

A Nanny will also help children become familiar with other people due to the activities and social interactions that nannies will arrange for the child. The child will enjoy rich and varied days, which will aid their social, personal and physical development. In a nursery, the bulk of time is spent in one room.

Through Everycare Nannies, you can set your own hours for the Nanny to work to suit your family needs.