Types of staff


Nannies reside at their own address, arriving at your home in time to take over responsibility for your children, whether you leave for work or remain at home. They leave on return of the named family member or at the designated booked leaving time for parents who remain home. A Nanny is an experienced and usually qualified childcarer. Nannies are for children from birth to around twelve years. Their qualifications range from CACHE to NVQ’s and Foundation Degrees and the NNEB. The training they receive is of a high standard and will mean they have best practice for most, if not all situations, will safeguard your children and will have expertise with certain skill sets within this industry. Some will have extra specialties, ALN expertise or Nurture training for example. Nannies can be full or part time, permanent or temporary and have complete sole charge of the children. They may work alone or as part of a team in larger households. Nannies take full responsibility for the safeguarding and wellbeing of the children in their care, providing happy, stimulating, age appropriate activities, knowing when to give ‘down time’ for completing Nursery duties such as children’s laundry, maintaining tidiness of children’s rooms and preparing children’s meals. These are all ‘Traditional Nanny’ duties. A Nanny is not responsible for general household tasks.

Everycare Nannies employs all their own Nannies for a particular family, meaning we manage all payroll, Human Resources, contracts, mediation, leave, absences, grievances, negotiation and more.

A Nanny Housekeeper in the South Wales area is usually sought for families who need a small number of hours for the management of domestic duties and a number of hours for the same individual to manage the care of the children. They are rarely qualified, but possess years of experience. Once you reach the Home Counties and London, it becomes a different role entirely.

Maternity Nurses are employed on a temporary basis to assist with newborn babies. They live in on a 24 hours a day, 6 days a week basis assisting the primary carer with all issues to do with their baby. They usually have specific qualifications in the care of newborn babies or vast experience in this area. They are usually hired by the family for 6-8 weeks. They are self-employed; therefore, the family is not responsible for the tax and NI; this is the responsibility of the Maternity Nurse.

In addition to caring for your baby they may also advise you on matters such as breastfeeding, getting your baby into a routine, baby equipment and weight gain patterns.


CACHE – Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education, level 1 – foundation course, to level 5 – experienced professionals.

NVQ’s – National Vocational Qualifications Levels 1 – foundation course to level 5, experienced professionals.

NNEB – This is the old form of the current qualifications. The NNEB stopped in the early 1990’s. Replaced by CACHE ~ (see above)

ALN – Additional learning Needs.

‘She/her’ – Used because Nannies are primarily female.